My Latest Creative Venture

I’ve been really harsh with myself recently. I mean, its nothing new but, more specifically with my writing.

When my poetry book was published I was excited but I kept telling myself, ‘there’s still so much to do, this isn’t the BIG project, this isn’t THE thing.’ Everyone has been so supportive and telling me how proud they are, it’s been incredible. However, there is a group of people who have been asking, “hey is this the project you were working on last year? It’s been published already?!”

Then I explain, no – the poetry book was something I did on the side, a mini challenge for myself. The project I started last year, that I’d been holding off on for years, is my memoir! It started off as a book of short stories based on my experiences, but as it started coming together and I sent pages to my book coach, we realized that this was going into the Memoir Genre.

Within 3 months I wrote about 35,000 words. I was SO proud. I printed off my first draft and cried. I did it!

Then I put it away and didn’t look at it again for almost 7 months.

When I did pick it up again, it was after completing a writer’s bootcamp where I learned about writers resistance and writers with ADHD, just like me, who procrastinate like it’s our job.

Since then, I’ve been working on my second draft and revising, editing and adding to the word count. Only need about 20,000 more to reach my goal.

I’ve been researching agents and publishing houses, locally, within Canada and the U.S. I really want to go the traditional route with this book, even though it’ll be a long process, although my process for my poetry book was more of a hybrid path.

My writing group has been a lifesaver for me. Without their daily encouragement and support, who knows when this Work-In-Progress would come to life.

What an exciting journey I am on. And I’m so thrilled that you are here with me as I travel up this road!

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