Hello world!

Before I begin this exciting, new journey into the world of blogging, I want to introduce my fellow bloggers and readers to my complicated, messy, weird and amazing brain. It is always on, constantly clicking away like a typewriter without hands.

At the age of 6, I was already scribbling my thoughts down on the pages of a diary with it’s own lock and key! The number of diaries continued to pile up into adolescence. Then of course, embracing the age of technology, my hand-written diaries were replaced by the note app in my smart phone.

Three years ago, my love of writing was put on pause, when my new love – my daughter, was born. And my love only grew, as we welcomed her younger sister into the world, just 10 months ago.

I believe we are all born for a reason, maybe more reasons than one.
I was born to write. I was born to be a mom.

I want to bring my two great loves together. I want to write for my daughters.

Join me in my writings for my daughters; laugh with me, cry with me, grow with me as I watch them grow too.

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